The Oversew Fashion Awards was born out of a small, local event called “Revamped Glamour”. This event was organised by a group of talented craftspeople and designers who took used clothing and redesigned it into high fashion, quality garments. These were featured in a fashion show and then offered for sale. Though small, and only promoted locally, this event was a sell-out and seeded the idea that a larger, more widely promoted event could successfully promote our emerging designers and sustainability at the same time.


Carterton is emerging as a popular town-of-choice for many residents and business owners, and its new Events Centre is the perfect venue for an event that aims to help put Carterton on the map, educate and inspire our communities and showcase talent from the Wairarapa and across New Zealand.


This event is being managed by a small but dedicated volunteer team of professionals with a large support base.  




Discovering, Inspiring and Showcasing Hidden Talent and Creativity



*  Hold an exciting, glamorous and innovative annual Carterton event that showcases home grown talent to the world.

*  Encourage and inspire the entire community to have a go at up-cycling the old, boring and tired to the new, exciting and vibrant.

*  Uncover a range of hidden talents by providing a platform to develop skills in a range that includes creative, technical and practical talents and strengths for individuals, groups and educational fields.

*  Educate, inspire and prepare aspiring designers through workshops and mentoring.

*  Follow principles and practices of sustainability.