The Show

Our unique catwalk presentations marry high fashion concepts with innovative sustainable design.


One of our aims is to dispel the myth that up-cycled fashion is ‘crafty’, instead that it’s an artisanal form of garment making and a viable part of the business of fashion.


That it competes  with the best of fashion and design and is the future of the way we go about dressing The competition showcases wearable clothing for those craving unique, stylish and fashion forward dressing.


The twist? It’s fashion that is conscious, does away with trends and celebrates individual style. 

This year we have called the awards 'New Beginnings'. We have introduced some exciting changes that will give the show a 'next level' quality never yet seen before in Oversew history!


Some of these changes include the all new categories- Ath-leisure , Streetstyle , Night life and Showstoppers and there are prizes in EVERY category for menswear and mini collections. 

It's also the second year of fabulous creative direction from our newest Oversew team member Kate Williams.


She has us all looking gorgeous with strong styling, tight choreography, inspiring music and a cast of high calibre models.


It is a not-to-be missed opportunity to see your designs photographed and on stage as part of a really exciting show!