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Laurie was the founder and designer of the pioneering eco fashion label, Starfish for 20 years. With a an understanding for business and a passion for to see sustainability cemented well into NZ’s very essence,  Laurie’s career has now moved to working as the Wellington Regional coordinator for the Sustainable Business Network. But with an eternal  love for great frocks and a keenness  to see those who are trying to progress a Sustainable Fashion culture succeed,  Laurie is always supporting anything that combines sustainability and fashion.



Founder and Creative Director of The Formary - where surplus and homeless textiles are transformed into innovative new products. Bernadette’s work around the world in the regeneration of textiles has garnered awards from HRH Prince Charles and Grand Designs sustainable design guru Kevin McCloud. She is currently tasked with setting up supply-chains in New Zealand to reprocess the vast amount of textiles we dispose of each year. “It is exciting to see people rethink how we can use and then reform one of the most beautiful resources we have  – our clothes.”



Paul, is a double-winner of the Oversew Fashion Awards in both 2015 and 2017 Paul was crowned with the Earthcare Environmental Overall Excellence Award .

If anyone knows what it takes to win the Oversew Fashion Awards it's Paul.

Paul now has his own label Edgar & Bird.

"It's very disposable -- with the big companies, designers are told to do a poor job, so clothes will wear out faster and people will keep buying more.

"With upcycling, if you're working from a piece that's stood the test of time, it's going to go the distance."

Working with a pre-loved garment is also logistically challenging.

"You don't have the miles of extra fabric; it's just what's in front of you.

"It takes a bit of problem solving -- the old Kiwi number eight wire ingenuity."

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Kate brings her amazing talents with a focus through unique eyes and the ability to communicate the story behind sustainable and recycled materials. Like the WILDFLOWER brand Kates’unique vison transcends both trends and seasons, her design influences range from film character styling, music, tribal cultures to historical dress.

The role of Oversew Fashion Awards Creative Director is a natural extension of Kate's brand, and we’re excited to see the story of these upcycled garments unfold through Kates' creative direction.



Robyn is one of the founders of The Oversew Fashion Awards, being involved since it's inception in 2012. Robyn is passionate about sustainable design, zero waste and up cycling.


In her spare time, she manages events.


With a zest for life and the enjoyment of our time here, Robyn will once again add spark to the catwalk on Awards night.



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