TOF 2012

The inaugural awards night was held in August 2012, and was a sell-out.  Entry numbers exceeded expectations and gorgeous, innovative designs of 32 finalists were paraded along the catwalk.   The theme was ‘The Four Seasons’, which was reflected in the categories, sound and lighting.  The photos say it all – it was a night to remember, a professional show that blew the audience away.

Our judges provided the national and international expertise in fashion required to choose the winning outfits, and the audience was not disappointed.  Prizes ranged from $250 to $1,000 with some winners receiving 5-star accommodation, a sewing machine, and work experience with an established fashion house.

At the end of the show, our key sponsor, Wairarapa Environmental  announced that this indeed was a match made in recycling heaven, and they were already signed up to support the next 2 events.  Design faculties and individual designers expressed their interest in the next event before we could stop to take a breath, and the outcome was clear that the Oversew Fashion Awards are here to stay!

Take a look at our gallery to get a feel for the TOF 2012 event, and contact us to buy our DVD of the show for $10 if you want to see more. 

Oversew Fashion
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