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Ministry for the Environment figures show 100 million kilos of textile waste is thrown into the country’s rubbish dumps yearly. That’s the equivalent of every person in New Zealand chucking about 145 medium-sized men’s T-shirts a year. And aside from turning unwanted clothes into rags, insulation or sending them offshore to become another country’s problem, not much is currently done to give old clothes new value. 

Our Mission

We promote ‘upcycled’ fashion by recognising talented, aspiring designers who recreate, revamp and redesign pre-loved clothing into sustainable fashion garments.

Our aspiring and emerging designers span all age groups.

We are passionate about making this sustainable Fashion Awards a successful sustainable event . 

Our partner sponsor, Earthcare Environmental, refers to our relationship with them as ‘a match made in recycling heaven’.... we agree.

We are members of the Sustainable Business Network, and are passionate about spreading the word of reducing landfill. 

How it Works

It's all about up-cycling, minimising waste, reducing landfill. What's different about Oversew is that entrants must use only pre-worn clothing, well 80% anyway. It is a little limiting but that makes it fun and rewarding!.

We couldn't have summed it up better than our Award of Excellence winner for 2015, Paul Edgar Bird.

"It's very disposable - with the big companies, designers are told to do a poor job, so clothes will wear out faster and people will keep buying more..… With upcycling, if you're working from a piece that's stood the test of time, it's going to go the distance....… You don't have the miles of extra fabric; it's just what's in front of you......

It takes a bit of problem solving - the old Kiwi number eight wire ingenuity."

More about Upcycling...

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